Educational Publishing: Make Money Writing for the Educational Market

Do you want to make money from writing? Are you willing and able to write on assignment if given a topic, word count, grade level, and deadline? Then you may be perfect for educational work for hire!


Chris Eboch

  • 7 chapters
  • 14 lessons

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You will need to make an EzyCourse account and then sign up/pay. The $150 option lets you view the videos as often as you want with no expiration. The $350 subscription option lets you work one-on-one with an expert. Chris will review your lessons and provide feedback to help you get your resume and writing samples in shape for submission. (This is not limited to one year; that’s just the only option the course software allows.)

Part 1: Overview of Educational Publishing. What is it? Why would you do it? Pros and cons. What makes a good work-for-hire writer?

Part 2: Writing Work-for-Hire Texts: time-efficient research, appropriate sources. Choosing kid-friendly angles and facts to include. Writing in the appropriate style.

Part 3: ATOS and Lexile: What does it mean to write to grade level? Learn the main methods of checking grade level and how to adjust your language to meet grade level requirements.

 Part 4: Getting Jobs: Identifying publishers. Writing and submitting your resume and cover letter. Understanding publisher guidelines for assignments

Part 5: Writing Is a Business: Learning to think like a businessperson: Tracking your time. How to choose jobs. Tax deductions for writers and more.

Course content

  • $150 / One time
  • $350/year